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Saddle Stand Collection

Custom Wooden Saddle Stands

Half circle design to fit the contour of your saddle
All parts are finish sanded, screw holes are counter sunk and plugged
All edges are rounded over on top were saddle sits eliminating sharp edges
Bottom shelf for grooming tools & supplies
Multiple coats of polyurethane (clear gloss or satin) exceptional protection from sunlight, moisture and temperature change
Red Mahogany w/Gloss finish pictured above
Easy assembly: Philips head screwdriver is all you need to assemble stand
24"L x 16"W x 32"H
Assembly directions included
Available stain colors: red mahogany, cherry, Provincial
Saddle Stand pictured is stained in Red Mahogany / Gloss Finish

The saddle stands that we produce will last for years and are made to strict standards of workmanship. You will be very pleased with the quality of our handmade saddle stands.

All saddle stands have been pre-assembled and come with simple directions for assembly. The saddle stands are of furniture quality and will last for many years to showcase your saddle.
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