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Classic Hardwood Tack Trunk Custom Show Trunk

Classic Hardwood Tack Trunk Custom Show Trunk


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Made by Greentrunksnmore, manufacturer of carefully designed and masterfully crafted tack trunks and stable accessories that offer the ultimate in beauty and durability.
  • 1/2" hardwood plywood
  • Solid hardwood trim
  • Choice of stain: red mahogany
  • Choice of hardware: brass, chrome
  • spring loaded side handles, solid brass or chrome hasp, brass or chrome plated piano hinge, soft closing lid supports
  • interior finished with multiple coats of waterbased Polyurethane/Gloss
  • Dimensions:   

    32 1/2"L x 20 1/2"W x 20 1/2"H


.Note: When ordering please indicate what color finish you would like and list a contact telephone number for FedEx to use to facilitate delivery. Thank you!